CBD Liquids
CBD Liquids

Buy cannabidiol CBD Liquids

Now available: premium CBD Liquids with a wide range of CBD concentrations

Not interested in CBD oil or CBD flowers? Or would you like to try other cannabidiol products? No problem. More below.

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We've got the perfect expansion to the rest of our range for you.

In cooperation with our friends from wdnw.berlin (wrong? liquid berlin), we can now offer Germany's cleanest and coolest liquids for your vaporiser or e-cigarette.

Vape delicious flavours paired with a range of effective CBD levels. The flavours are enormously varied: there is certainly something for every taste. We were recently able to try out the flavours of all the liquids and are absolutely thrilled by them. Information on the flavours can be found in the article descriptions.

For us, the "wrong" liquids are Germany's most aromatic, best liquids.

Just like wrong?, we offer CBD liquids in 4 different strengths.

Discover the 10ml liquids with 50mg CBD, 150mg CBD, 300mg CBD and 600mg CBD concentration.

Of course, all the liquids are 100% free of nicotine and THC.

Vape delicious CBD liquids legally with the vaporiser of your choice. Just fill up and vape away!