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We offer very pure, organically produced CBD oil. We carry different concentrations with a CBD content of 5% to 30%. CBD oil with a CBD content of 30% is one of the strongest cannabidiol oils available in the world. More information below.

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CBD oil from CBDoc

CBDoc 30% CBD oil is produced exclusively for us. This means that even people with a high cannabidiol requirement will receive the right strength for their needs. Only German, organic crops are used, without any pesticides or other chemicals. We check that we consistently provide the highest quality, so you can always be sure that you are buying and receiving the purest possible CBD oil.

You've surely heard of the natural medicine that is CBD oil. In addition to the better-known THC, CBD is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant. While THC-containing products or plant parts are illegal in most countries around the world, you can legally buy CBD oil anywhere, for example. The main difference between these two components of the cannabis plant lies in the effect. While the consumption of THC is said to give an intoxicating or euphoric effect, the perceived effect of consuming CBD oil is quite different. CBD does not have an intoxicating effect on the human body, but rather a soothing one. Calming, concentration-promoting, relaxing and anticonvulsant or analgesic effects, among other things, are attributed to cannabidiol oil. Of course, this means that you cannot buy CBD oil to get "high". You use it because you may have everyday problems that consuming cannabidiol oil has a positive effect on. As mentioned earlier, you can buy CBD oil anywhere in the world. The easy access to it is for good reason: CBD oil has now won over people from a range of different cultures. The cannabis plant has a long history of use as a medicine. Native peoples on different continents used and continue to use parts of the cannabis plant for various cures, rituals or as the short-statured people of the Congo Pygmies do, to sharpen the senses. However, it has only been possible to buy cannabidiol oil for comparatively few years. So, you can count yourself lucky that you have this opportunity to buy CBD oil!

Who can benefit from buying CBD oil?

To start off, it is important to emphasise that there are no known side-effects from using CBD oil. As a result, the intake of cannabidiol oil does not encompass any disadvantages or risks. The partially confirmed, partially accepted positive mode of action, however, now applies to numerous medical conditions. For example, according to user reports, it is possible to buy CBD oil instead of Ritalin and take it on a regular basis - with similar improvements in terms of symptoms but no side effects. In addition, according to numerous reports, CBD oil has a very positive effect on everyday complaints such as headaches, stomach aches, sore throats, insomnia or concentration problems. Other medical conditions that are reported to be relieved by cannabidiol oil include multiple sclerosis, cancer, arthritis, anxiety disorders, depression, Tourette syndrome, and many more. In addition to the confirmed positive mode of action, the purchase of cannabidiol oil has several other benefits. Our CBD oil is a pure vegetable-based, organic product which is produced in a way that does away with any chemicals that are bad for the environment. The product is 100% organic, natural and free from additives. It's also vegan and gluten free. When you buy CBD oil instead of a comparable, artificial product, you also contribute to reducing the environmental impact. The cannabis plants grow, produce oxygen, supply the oil for our product, and the plant remains are then used as fertiliser in turn. The cycle is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly and allows us to produce your dietary supplement, cannabidiol oil. If you are interested in trying cannabidiol oil yourself, we invite you to visit our website www.cbd-kauf.de. Here, you can choose from different strengths and buy high quality CBD oil.

Top-quality cannabis oil in a range of concentrations

Are you looking for cannabidiol oil at a fair price? Then you've come to the right place. We offer select high-quality cannabis oil. We limit ourselves here to products from select manufacturers that we can rely on to provide a high degree of purity. If you would like to buy CBD oil, we have products with a range of different CBD concentrations. We are happy to help you to make your selection.

Let our experts guide you

You can only buy cannabis oil from us that has been subject to stringent checks. We make sure that the individual products match your needs. If you are unsure which CBD oil is right for you, let us advise you. We can help you to choose the right concentration.

What concentrations are there?

We can offer you cannabis oil with a concentration of 5 to 30 percent. Of course, the lowest proportion is in the 3-percent CBD oil. The cannabis oil with 30 percent has the highest concentration available in the world, and is produced exclusively for us.