What makes CBD oil different from hemp oil?

Over the last few years, the global attitude towards the marijuana plant has changed dramatically. In the US, in particular, cannabis-related legislation has been (and is being) reformed. In many US states, medical use has been legal for several years. In addition, the state of Colorado got things started by legalising the sale of cannabis through controlled outlets that resemble the famous coffee shops in Amsterdam. Subsequently, the states of Washington and California also legalised "recreational use", i.e. the consumption of marijuana for non-medical reasons. By contrast, this form of cannabis use remains illegal in most European countries. It is important to emphasise that only the intoxicant THC from the cannabis plant is illegal. The second active ingredient in the plant, known as cannabidiol (CBD for short), is legal and freely available in almost every country in the world. Cannabis' change of image that we are currently experiencing has also piqued interest around the globe in the possible effects of THC or CBD. There are also lots of new products on the market that promote the natural, positive effects of the cannabis plant. Today, for example, products such as hemp oil, hemp soap or hemp protein are available. They are becoming increasingly popular due to how well they are tolerated. However, hemp oil, for example, does not have the same medical mode of action as CBD oil. Instead, it is more suited for cooking or, in the form of soap, for personal hygiene. Since hemp oil is cheaper than CBD oil, there have been attempts by some unethical traders to offer hemp oil as an alternative to cannabidiol oil. However, the mode of action is by no means the same and it is very important to know the difference between the two oils. Consuming hemp oil in the same way as CBD oil can affect your health. At www.cbd-kauf.de, we only offer pure, high-quality and sustainably produced CBD oils and other CBD products.

What is CBD oil?

As already mentioned, the abbreviation CBD stands for "cannabidiol", which constitutes an active ingredient of the cannabis plant, in addition to the better-known THC. Cannabis consists of many different compounds called cannabinoids. The two most important ones are THC and CBD. While THC has an intoxicating and psychoactive effect on the human body, CBD only functions by improving health, without the person consuming it getting "high". The various advantages of CBD are highly diverse. For example, analgesic, anti-inflammatory or relaxing effects are attributed to CBD oil. Cannabis plants grown for coffee shops (for example) have a very high THC content and a low amount of CBD. However, the active ingredient THC can be blocked if there is a sufficient CBD content, which eliminates the intoxicating effect and other side effects. This means that cannabidiol oil is a herbal remedy that is free from side effects and very well tolerated by the body.

Green an brown seeds for hemp oil production

Photo: Green and brown hemp seeds for hemp oil production.

The effect of CBD oil on the human body

CBD and other cannabinoids that affect the body work by binding to the receptors of the body's own cannabinoid system. The main receptors affected are known as "CB1" and "CB2". The former are located on the surface of brain cells, while CB2 receptors are associated with the immune system.

The possible medical benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil can have different effects on different animals, which means that it is barely possible to precisely determine its modes of action. However, some research and numerous user reports allege that cannabidiol oil has an analgesic or anti-inflammatory effect, which can extend to mitigating anxiety. In addition, clinical studies have revealed that addictions such as alcoholism can be treated with CBD oil.


The mode of action of CBD on the human body continues to be investigated and new insights are constantly being gained. So far, however, no significant side effects have been discovered and many notes or results regarding positive modes of action have been identified. As with any drug, it is advisable to consult a doctor you trust regarding treatment with cannabidiol oil.

Buy hemp oil: Cheap prices and good tolerability make it popular

The popularity of hemp oil has been on the rise for years. Hemp oil is now considered an alternative to CBD oil. Consumers like to see them both as the same thing, but hemp oil does not have the medical mode of action that you might hope for. This is only to be found in CBD oil. You can still use hemp oil in various ways in everyday life. It is suitable for cooking, but can also be used for personal hygiene.

Why should you buy hemp oil?

Although hemp oil differs in its effect from CBD oil, it is still worth buying. In principle, hemp oil is characterised by how well it is tolerated, which means that it is processed positively by the body. This special oil is cold-pressed in a complex process.

How does hemp oil work?

Before consumers buy hemp oil, there is a question as to how it works. Here it must be clearly emphasised that hemp oil does not have an intoxicating effect - contrary to the many prejudices about it. The proportion of THC in the oil is minimal. However, it contains many other healthy substances that can relieve muscle tension and discomfort, for example, during the menopause.